Salesforce Shots: Salesforce Integration Inside Gmail

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2 min readSep 7, 2022

Gmail is a well-known email service provider. Isn’t it amazing if we can send an email from Gmail to the Salesforce contact? It’s easily achievable with the help of Gmail integration.

We can set additional data for salesforce inside Gmail. Suppose, if you get a new email in your inbox and with that email and if you don’t have any related records in salesforce so, with one click Contacts, leads, and other records will be created inside Salesforce without leaving your Gmail. Additionally, You can search for the records associated with an email message or calendar event.

Relate email messages and calendar events to the Salesforce records of your choice. If you’re composing a message, use Log email to send the event and/or the criteria you entered in Search. To implement this functionality into your email, please follow the below recommendations.

Simply download the extension into your chrome browser with this link: - and add to the chrome.

1. Once added to Chrome, Login to your Gmail > click on the salesforce extension > Login to salesforce with your credentials and give salesforce access to google via clicking the continue button.

2. Now this lightning salesforce for Gmail needs to access your google account simply click on the allow to access the required information.

3. At the end link your google account to a salesforce user with your user credentials of salesforce and go to salesforce.

This integration will save lots of time switching from Gmail to Salesforce and using this, your reps will be more productive.

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