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2 min readSep 7, 2022

In the modern browser era, we want everything to be available from where accessibility is easy and smooth. For that Salesforce introduces Code Builder (Beta) which is a web-based development environment for Salesforce.

If we use VSCode for development, then we must install developer tools like Salesforce CLI, Salesforce Extension Pack, JDk, etc. But in the Code Builder literally, we don’t need to care about anything else, it’s a fully Modern featured web-based IDE in the browser from our Salesforce org. That’s right nothing we have to install or configure on our system and no more spending hours installing developer tools.

Code Builder comes with all modern features like code completion, refactoring, search, and built-in integration with version control systems like GitHub. Code Builder works on a browser, so we can write code virtually on any device and access it from any other device with an internet connection. let’s get started with Code Builder in your Salesforce Org. for step-by-step guidelines please continue reading…

Code Builder is managed package that you can install by app exchange in your dev org and assign code builder permission set to your user to access the Code Builder dashboard.

In the Code Builder dashboard, we can create a new Salesforce project or import any existing project from GitHub then authorize our development environment to launch a Code Builder environment and start coding.

We can do a lot more things with Code Builder (Beta) as Access Salesforce-specific commands, connect to multiple Salesforce orgs, explore org metadata using Org Browser, Create and deploy Apex & LWC, Write and execute SOQL queries using SOQL Builder, Use the Code Builder terminal to run your Salesforce CLI commands.

There is a beautiful article written by Nathan Totten —

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