Life Beyond Work: A balance strike between Work and Life at Perigeon Software

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3 min readSep 14, 2022

This is often a challenging question for employees but at Perigeon, being an employee-centric company, we keep the interest of our employees in the first place and also add value to the work-life balance needs from an employee’s both personal and professional perspective.

Flexible Work Schedule — Not forcing any employee to make a choice between family or work is what balances out our employees’ life along with work.

We provide the flexibility of remote work or off-hours work during times when needed and in turn, such flexibility encourages employees to make up for the lost hours and ensure timely deliverables.

This flexibility neither creates a loss of pay/unpaid leaves, nor does the work gets affected, but it results in more enthusiasm amongst employees to manage work without losing personal moments or failing on the family front.

Consistency and Cooperation — A transparent Project Management system at Perigeon ensures clarity of tasks and clear timelines that allow our employees to plan their work effectively.

A clear project execution roadmap not only leads to consistency of deliverables and completion of projects within the expected timeframe but also employees can also make up for their personal commitments.

Building an Assertive Environment — People at Perigeon have a clear understanding of their job roles, responsibilities, hierarchical structure, company policies, and management procedures.

With cumulative efforts, we build the company by welcoming suggestions and opinions from the employees and also promote the feeling that their voices are being heard.

We are all “Ears” to our employees!

Teamwork at Workplace — Where there is teamwork, employees feel secure, de-stressed, and friendly at the office.

Teams at Perigeon act like family members and bring an emotion of belongingness and support each other whenever needed and eventually, it helps to manage the workload smoothly.

Company Yearly Excursions and Quarterly Get-togethers — Working all year — round, there comes that time when Perigeon plans its yearly trips or outings where employees get a chance to give time to themselves and rejuvenate to feel more refreshed.

Quarter Feasts bring all the employees together at a single table, exchange ideas, interests, fun, and (not to forget) FOOD!

Short Breaks ALL DAY! — Sitting in one place and looking at screens for hours in a day has an adverse impact on the body and mind. Our employees are encouraged to take short breaks throughout the day as it not only helps them to get refreshed but also stay productive, both physically and mentally.

Work Boundaries and Time — At Perigeon, we always encourage our employees to complete work within office hours only in order to avoid taking work at home.

We uplift employees to accomplish tasks at the office during weekdays so that they can enjoy their time over the weekend peacefully with their families and friends and achieve work-life balance at an all-time high!

Perigeon believes that a good balance strike between work and life will not only make an employee’s personal life happy but also lead to a productive work experience.

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