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The traditional way of working was completely different from what it is today, where the organizational culture was a “top-down approach”, which means the superiors should just give orders to the employees, keeping in mind only the company’s goal. But today, we follow a bottom-up approach, which means there should be an exchange of information and ideas at every level of the organization.

We here at Perigeon also follow this new approach and aims toward the growth of every employee along the organization’s goal.


Perigeon has an envision for healthcare and financial services. And aims to provide IT solutions globally, as per client’s needs and perspectives. We ensure that client gets maximum returns on their investment. Our mission is to provide the best customer service using the latest technologies along with providing the best growth opportunities to all our employees.


Engagement is the most important part of any organization. We, here at Perigeon also engage every employee towards their work and increase their level of enthusiasm. Good communication between internal groups, deep commitment toward their work, and the ability to give and receive feedback are all performed at Perigeon as a part of employee engagement.


As we know change is the rule of nature, and we need to change and evolve as per changing times and circumstances. Perigeon also is evolving as per the need of the Information Technology industry. We are using all the latest technologies and software available in the market and making the best use of it, to help the business and employees’ growth.


Since our school days, we know that evaluation is important, imagine a school where their students give exams but their work doesn’t get evaluated. Most students would not be focusing on their knowledge and simply giving exams. At the business level also, evaluation is important, due to which the best-performing employee gets recognition along with rewards, which indirectly creates healthy competition.

At Perigeon, we evaluate the work of every employee through various parameters and share productive feedback accordingly. We also provide Quarter Awards, Annual Rewards & Recognition and boast the enthusiasm of our employees.


As we know that planning without execution is nothing, execution represents a proper process of how the entire plan will flow and achieve all the strategic goals of the company. We at Perigeon makes plan as per our strategic goals and then execute them in alignment with those goals. Proper execution of the plan leads to on-time delivery of products and services.

These were the major 5 agendas of Perigeon, on which we work, and make sure that all five are practiced and implemented for a better organizational culture along with the growth of every employee.

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